TOP 7 Action games you might have ever played!

Beyond your imagination and breaking all limits of creation, Video games have made their place in everyone's heart. With an incredible thinking and creative use of graphics, Action games are played mostly in the world.

Here we present some of the best action games for pc, which bang! the whole world...


After the great success of half life ,Marc Laidlaw designed the next level of half life. With more dangerous missions and new amazing guns, the players had goosebumps while playing this thrilling part of half life.

6.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game has really proved that 'soldiers are life of there country'. From beginning to the end, this game is a complete package of fun , adventure and action. Play it to experience the best out of the action games.

5.Mass Effect 2

Guys! Here comes the toughest of all. Many different operations in galaxy, to save the universe with more number of guns and missions but amazement doesn't end here, this time the number of opponents are also increased and they are highly powerful.

4.Dark Souls 2

In the category of action games no other game can stop this masterpiece to grab a place in this list. And like a real king make your own empire and live like a king of this world. It makes you feel at the top of world with the special powers it have. 

3.Grand Theft Auto 5

Guys! if you want to break the rules or want to get indulged in some illegal work then you ought to play this game. And the best part is that you are not going in the jail. Just live and feel like a gangster who can do anything.

2.Batman: Arkham Knight

A superhero with so many gadgets, who will say no to play and live like a superhero or like a batman. Especially, that time when we use his gadgets .You must play this, and feel like a real batman.

1.Dishonored 2

After playing it,the only one word that comes out is 'aweeesomeee'.While playing this game you really experience the life of royal protector. and when he uses their supernatural abilities, you feel like that you are using that power in real life, which make this game much more awesome.

There are other more action games which are more interesting with more action. So do you agree with our list??? Which action game is your Favourite ??? comment below..




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