Successful personalities who arose after failing several times......

"Failure is not the opposite of success;
it's part of success."
we all know these people and we have heard there names several times in our day to day life ..but point is have we ever thought or even try to search that behind their great success was there any failure or struggling from which they went through.....

Here are some famous personalities who went through all these and had a successful and happy life.

1.Michael Jordan

The greatest basketball player of all time michael jordan.He lost many of his games and have missed thousands of shots but he never gave up and pushed himself to get to a another level .and today he is counted in the legends of basketball.


One of the most successful rapper of all time .He faced many troubles because of his family but he got passionate about his music and coming out from all the family issues he worked on his skills, faced many problems and got a great success in his life and gave a lesson to everyone.

3.Oprah Winfrey

The one who overcome multiple failures in her life but never gave up.Oprah a single teenaged mother who was molested and faced many disturbing problems in her early life.facing all this she never gave up and she became highest-ranked talkshow in chicago.And today she is a multi-billionaire and has reached international fame.

4.The Beatles

One of the famous english rock group of all time.The beatles, faced so many rejections and failures ,we must be thinking this is worst but no there was even more worst for them in there journey of success.This pity young boys group where stated that "they would never succeed",people might get discouraged and give up but they didn't somewhere or the other they knew it was just a matter of time untill they didn't give up.They faced there failure and were listed in one of the famous english rock group.

5.Walt Disney

The person who made every individuals childhood happy and joyful.Walt Disney who gave birth to Mickey Mouse ,who made our childhood memorable with mickey mouse series.During his journey or his road towards success for disney was not too simple or happy as he seems to be ,there was number of failure and setbacks but slowly slowly they started taking off to success and today each and every child knows about it.He got success in his career but he also got succeeded in making others happy.

Friends its not that you got rejected or got failed once twice or thrice,its your willpower which will say or will give you the result.... if you have that strong willpower and has a focused aim then even if you go through thousands of failure you will get success and would appreciate that because of those failures you faced, you got many things to learn in your life........



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