Self Obsession : Pros and Cons

What is self obsession? What makes people self obsessed? Is it good to be self obsessed?

If you are searching answers to such questions then this is the right place to find them.

Talking about the exact definition of self obsession, Oxford Dictionary says it means excessively preoccupied with one's own life and circumstances or thinking only about oneself.

People often think what brings self obsession in oneself . If a person has knowledge or is intelligent or is smart enough then, out of human behavior he has a tendency of flaunting his or her qualities often in order to get attention of the people. Flaunting can be marked as an outcome of self obsession.

There's a question that ponders in the heads of everyone and that is who is more self obsessed: men or women? So here's the answer:

A survey was conducted to find who is more obsessed and it was found that men were the ones who were leading here. They have a higher tendency of thinking only about them and not caring what people will think of them. Here, the parameter to judge self obsession was their behavior on the social networking sites.

Discussing about it in brief, just like a coin has two sides, everything has some positive and negative factors associated with it. Firstly, let us discuss about its pros.

If someone is self obsessed then at times he'll be more confident than others. If you lack this then, you have an tendency to become depressed. In order to be successful at something you'll definitely need to develop self belief or a little obsession will also do the needs.

After looking at the positive aspects now let us take a look at its negative points:

There is a very fine line between confidence and over confidence which when belief is changed to obsession is been crossed and it's consequences are really bad.Sense of fear arises if one is self obsessed like they will always think about how any given situation might affect them. Many a times, people forget the rest of the world just because they have started loving themselves. This shouldn’t happen. Self obsession often fills you with pride and there'll be a risk of ignorance veiling your wisdom. Ironically, to be great, you always have to believe that you’re not that great. Generally people don't understand this.

The hero of this hour in history is anyone who proves the utmost depths of self-obsession.Self belief and self obsession must not be mixed with each other. Have faith in yourself, love yourself but don't be obsessed. Make sure the trait of self obsession itself doesn't become an obsession.


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