HUMAN BODY : The ultimate source of inspiration

Have you ever pondered upon what provides you the inspiration, motivation and energy required to stand up all the worries and hard times of your life. What is the source which guides you throughout these hardships which may initially seem to break you down?
the ultimate source of motivation is your own body!!! wondering how? here's the answer.....


Acts as a connector of all the parts of human body, irrespective of the function, size and location it just reaches out to each part and creates a link. it inspires us to just reach out to everyone, connect with people and be the carrier of life i. e happiness and love!



Fingers and thumb are of different shapes and sizes, have different tasks to perform. but individually they are helpless. They work together and enable us to carry out physical actions. In the same way we must help and guide each other. as our strength increases as a team and divides as we separate out.



 Eyes are the window to the outside world. They help us to capture the images of the world and store them in the mind.They inspire us to just see the beautiful and positive aspect of circumstances in our life and have a wide vision and foresight for our thoughts and actions.


4. FEET:

Wondering how your  feet can be a source of motivation?
Well, just as the physically aid you to stand,walk and run. Similarly, thinking beyond this helps us to realize that they also inspire us to keep moving continuously without ceasing at the hurdles of life. Just as we decide our pace as the situation demands, similarly we have to decide our pace in life according to the situations demand! But never to stop.....keep walking on the trail of this beautiful journey called "LIFE".


5. EARS :

It is rightly said "We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen  twice as much as we speak".
A good listener is always a good analyst. Ears enable us to listen to the words of others, accept and agree on what's for our betterment and to reject the undesirable part. They teach us to be compassionate towards others and be heedful to others' needs. They are rightly said to be the "extension of heart", because if one knows how to listen and analyse, he also knows how to love and care.


So peeps are you convinced with views presented above? Did it help you imagine your body beyond the limits you had thought till now? Please comment your views below.
Thanks for reading so patiently!!


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