How beauty lies in simplicity


Beauty is simple ,it is subtle and seamless. It is tender and kind.
Simplicity is the basis of beauty. Anything that is simple yet exquisite catches the attention and makes us exclaim 'wow! '.
All the expressions that makes us feel the meanings behind them are simple and that's what makes them totally beautiful. No phrase or sentence can replace a genuine 'sorry', a heartfelt 'thank you ',or a emotional 'i love you 'spirit .


A clutter -free, plainly organized house is more beautiful than a house that is stuffed with ostentatious items.A well written, concise, easy to understand eassy in simple language easily wins over the one that is verbose and laden with high vocabulary, redundant phrases. 
A simple, plain, pretty face looks more adorable than the one with layers of colours and queer make -up.


Have u ever seen a small kid eating his chocolate, obviously you have.. they don't know the cost..huh!  What am I talking about they just know nothing except that they love it and they want it and I think no one would deny this being one of the most beautiful yet simple thing .
Everyone looks at beauty differently and everyone has his or her own definition of it.

 In today's society beauty is seen as a person's psychical appearance,what clothes they wear, their hair and make up, and even the shape of their body. The world's English dictionary first definition states beauty as "the combination of all qualities of a person or thing that delights the senses and pleases the mind ".I agree with the definition because I believe beauty goes deeper than the appearance of a person that it is combination of all a person's qualities. 

Too many people do not see beauty for what it really is but only see it as a psychical quality. Beauty is more than skin deep, beauty is kindness, gratefulness, courage,unselfish love and happiness.

We overlook the virtue of simplicity of raking leaves, reading books, having friends over to visit. Too often, what comes naturally is undervalued because it seems to come without effort. Simplification is as one might expect, pretty simple.

By moderating one's consumption, and consuming what is needed, and by forming the habit of asking yourself "do I really want this? ",many of our lives will be less cluttered and more fulfilling.

So, stay beautiful and that too by thoughts and mind! coz, if beauty lies in eyes of beholder, the beholder must have a beautiful heart too.

lots of love!



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