7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Aakshank This Year !

Aakshank, the biggest annual cultural fest of central India, will get into full swing this February. Fueled by the energy and exuberance of legions of undergrad students, Aakshank never ceases to amaze. This fest has quickly become a symbol of millennial culture, competition, and art. With every year passing by it is getting more bolder, better and sexier. 
With all its fun activities, memories are made at Aakshank every year. The fest is celebrated on the campus of IET itself.
Here are some events that will make you come to Aakshank 2K17.

1. PAPON - Live In Concert!

Awe-inspiring, raw and beautiful back to back vocal performances blow minds as recording artists take the stage.Every year the Indore is on their feet in IET's arena. This year renowned Bollywood singer Papon will grace the stage. The live-in-concert brings the thrill out of people and when Papon will hold the mike, the energy in the ground would be just unimaginable.

With the memories of the last year's thriller alive in the heart, people are counting seconds for the show.

2. EDM Night Presenting Nikhil Chinapa

He needs no introduction, The Spilitsvilla Winner have hosted multiple shows as well, As Music Artists manipulate music and vigor EDM blasts through the speakers, crowds at this event are swept away in tides of fervor. This is one of the show and peoples from all over the Indore remember this night for the complete year.

3. Fashion Show - Mridaksh !

With bold and chic western clothing to vivid and evocative Ethnic styles, participants fiercely descend on the ramp at Mridaksh. After multiple rounds of screening and then days of practice, only the candidates with beautiful walk glitters the show. it is a great experience when you feel the amazement brought to the stage.

4. Incredible Dance Performances

Dance Group's groove to mashups as the audience revels and cheers for them. The part of the event where not a second passes without the cheers and shouting. The event is named under "Naach", where teams from different college come up with their best and make the show lit up for those memorable hours. The prizes and surprises you get here are just unforgettable and keep the curiousness within you.

5. Goonj and The War of Bands

The official band of IET 'Goonj' are on the top of their game and have earned quite a fan base in the city.  Your movements are out of control when you hear the sounds mixed with rock and jazz. The enthusiasm you feel in the air while being in the auditorium, keeps you on your feets all the time. You ought to see them perform!

6. Irresitable Games like PaintBall and LaserTag 

It is that part which completes the different moods of audience and brings the sportsperson in the game. Those with incredible energy filled with kind of skills, gets a chance to shine as a champion in the biggest opportunity to lit up. It includes street football, street cricket, paint ball, and guess what it has stunt mania too. Well, this is not it. The day events get evolved every year with more amazement and energy. You are going to experience many memorable moments first time ever in the history of Indore. Get ready and brace yourself!

7. Social Cause - Some incredible ways to serve the society 

When you are going to live the best part of year then it's a responsibility to take every section of society in further steps. AAKSHANK is that fest which has a positive vision towards future and hopes for a better tomorrow. This year the well established NGO, Dishanjali is going to cover a place for Photo-Booths and many creative presentations made by small children.
There is very much more , some surprises, some more adventures and Unlimited Fun !
On Behalf Of IET - DAVV,  FeedBox welcomes you to AAKSHANK 2K17 !
Be the Part of The Largest Cultural Fest of Central India !
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