The 11 All Time Best Sci-Fi Movies Hollywood Ever Produced !

Breaking the limits of imagination, sci-fi movies have rocked cinemas!
With incredible Creativity, brilliant concept and thrilling storyline we bring out the 11 must watch science fiction films...

11. Edge of Tomorrow

A Tom Cruise starrer was the blockbuster of the year. The audience had goosebumps watching the best alien warfare, with a very unique concept and storyline this movie gives completely exciting experience throughout the duration. 

10. Children of men
"Wow", that's the word which comes to our mind when we watch this outstanding creation. From beginning to end, it's concept of human extinction will thrill you out. One of the best and artistic work of decade deserves to be experienced at least once.

9. Upstream Color
Who will say No, to watch a movie full of wonders and scientific curiosity, I will definitely watch it. Especially, when it is an adorable love story and falling in sci-fi category. You must go now to watch this totally unique sci-fi movie of the decade

8. Guardians of the Galaxy
With more and more no. of adorable concepts,this superhero movie is a complete thriller. For the Marvel fans, it is the best of action blockbuster they can hope of. A must watch for all action lover....

7. Avatar

"Once in a decade", you get to see such kind of creativity. A timeless perfection is directed exceptionally. With fascinating concept and amazing story, you must experience it.

6. Mad Max : Fury Road

One of the greatest action films has won 6 Oscars. Beautiful, brainy and masterclass in its genre is way more exciting than you can think of. It is a masterpiece made to be appreciated.

5. Star Wars

In terms of sci-fi, action or adventure nothing can stop this series to grab a place in this list. A classic blockbuster has an empire built of fans already.Well, it's every part relates each other with magnificent imagination. Being adventurous I would have definitely watched this one! ;)

4. Moon


A mystical, full of suspense and best fitted in this list of science fiction, this film is set in the future world. With magnificent ideology behind it, this is one of the best in the category. The concept of resources extinction is kind of out of the box. Watch it to experience the best of sci-fi.

3. Inception


Within dreams, one has to plant an idea, and this happens with extreme mystery and turnarounds.This movie is not only a concept but a complete package of adventure and action. From beginning to end, this movie is a complete treat to watch out.

2. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
This is "one of a kind", timeless and stunning movie of the decade. A journey of love,regret and memory with intelligent plot will keep you entirely entertained. With you being a sci-fi lover, this movie has to be in your list of must watch movies...

1. Interstellar
A true masterpiece of Nolan proves that "imagination has no barriers". Traveling in space through a wormhole makes it more exciting. A concept of 5D world is just amazing. During the movie, you will definitely get goosebumps experiencing the outer world...

There are much more magnificent movies apart from the listed ones, and every sci-fi is a majestic artwork in itself. So, do you agree with our list?  Which movie is your all time favourite ? Comment below :)


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