Messi VS Ronaldo : Which One has Better Cars Collection ??

These two artists of game own most of best supercars. The Collection of top cars of these footballers will thrill you out.  But as the rule says ,there is always only one champion.
So let's find who is he?? 

Cars of Lionel Messi:

 1. Maserati Gran Turismo Stradale 

  2. Ferrari Spyder

  3. Lexus 4X4

4.  Toyota Prius

Now let's see which cars are owned by highest-paid footballer Ronaldo.

 1. Mercedes Benz C220

2. Phantom Rolls-Royce

  3. Aston Martin DB9

4. Audi Q7

Messi is the owner of 8 cars whereas Ronaldo owns 19 cars. It shows that man of Portugal has a secret love for supercars. But let me remind you, the most expensive car is owned by Messi which costs him $36 million.

Other than cars, both Legends live a luxurious life. Ronaldo with a weekly income of $1.7 million is the owner of huge villa worth $6 million. On the other side, Messi has $1.5 million as weekly income  house worth $5 million which includes a football field inside. 

So who you think is the winner of this race? Do comment your answer.


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