Alternate uses of these 7 simple household items you never knew !

How likely is it that you would use a piece of floss to cut a cake into slices or an onion piece to clean the grill? Sounds highly unlikely, strange even! Well, here we bring to you 7 such life hacks to make your life easy without any need of those fancy and expensive tools and equipment. All you need is your everyday household items and a little thinking out of the box!

1. Using cooking oil to remove unwanted stickers

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The adhesive that remains to stick on a surface after a sticker is removed from it can be quite irritating. To remove it completely, cooking oil can be rubbed on the region.

2. Wrap gifts with the comic sections of a newspaper

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Wrapping gifts with the same old gift wrap available in the market seem too boring and cliché. To add a dash of creativity and freshness, you can use comic sections of a newspaper or magazine as gift wrap to make your gift even more likable.

3. Remove stains off your cutting board using salt and lemons.

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Now you will never have to worry about spending hours scrubbing off adamant stains from the cutting board which would just refuse to go. All you have to do is to rub salt and lemons on the cutting board and see it clean itself as if by magic!

4. Brush vaseline around the fingers while applying nail paint to prevent it from sticking to your fingers

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This surely must be a point you should jot down in bold in your beauty manual right away if you want to save yourself from that sticky irritating experience the next time you apply nail paint.

5. Use a potato peeler to cut uniform thin cheese slices

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Using a knife to cut cheese into slices can be quite a tedious job and an inefficient one too. The use of a potato peeler makes the task easier as it makes it more efficient saving both time and effort.

6. Scrub white toothpaste on your shoes to make them clean as new.

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This definitely is the handiest of all. Apply toothpaste on your shoes and leave them as it is for 10-15 mins. Then, use a slightly wet napkin to wipe it off and voila! you have a pair of shoes looking exactly like they were when you bought them!

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7. Using old socks as Swiffer refills

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Buying expensive Swiffer refills seems outright foolish when you can use old socks for the same purpose. Just wash them clean and wrap around the Swiffer plate and you are good to go!

So, Just as you rubbed off the stains from your cutting board, scrub your brain to think of your own lifehacks and do let us know in the comments below!


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