You Won't Believe How Much Money These Footballers Make in a Single Year !

With magnificent playing skills on the field, these legends have extraordinary luxury with them off the field. Reason behind their such glamorous life is their huge earnings. So, let us unfold the secrets.

1. Christiano Ronaldo

With no doubts, this man wins the race. His stardom and dominance over the game never fades. At the age of 31,he earns €21m a year from his club. It would take 3 days for him to earn enough to visit the space. 

2. Lionel Messi

The classical legend of the decade has never been far away from top in any aspects. With his legacy over the commercial market,he can daily afford a new Audi R8. Barcelona's star is on a high €20m paycheck annually.

3. Zlatan Ibrahamovic

Bearer of jersey no 10 for many international clubs is still one of the best strikers of the world. His every kick is quite expensive and valuable. €16m a year is what makes him stand in top 3 rich persons of game.

4. Thomas Muller 

Star footballer of Bayern Munich, enjoys every comfort possible to earn.Living in huge mansion with supercars makes his off field life a dream for many. Secret behind his luxurious life is his huge earning of €13.5m per annum.

5. Jackson Martinez

Surprised...!, if you are then you don't know that he is having multiple contracts with many clubs which lands him the 5th position here. Presently, he is with chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande at €12.5m annually. He is one of the richest in country.

6. Thiago Silva

Cracking his defence is a rare scene in football field. This top defender is considered to be best in his position. He earns €12m a year. He handles luxury with his brilliance and you will always find him going hand in hand with latest fashion and technology.

7. Wayne Rooney

Captain of England is the only Premier league player here and this celebrated hero has been richly awarded for his services to Manchester United. Only 2 days of game for him will allow to buy 8 jet skis. This popular superstar of country earns €11.5m annually.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life and these millionaires are on top of world in doing so. They dominated this year, who you think deserve to be here forever?
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