25 Most Hilarious & Funny Signboards from all over the World !

How many signboards you saw today ? Do you remember any of them ?
"Signboards are boring"
There are some amazing individuals in this world who decided to break this eternal rule of God, using their insane Creativity (Or Stupidity?) they created these sign boards so we can make a great laugh and Share their Creations!

Here are some of the Funniest Signboards present on the Internet (Maybe in this Universe! Who knows?)  

1. We are trying to keep y'all safe!

Courtesy: boredpanda

2. Is there any warranty?

Source: Blogspot

3. R.I.P.

Source: twentytwowords

4. That's predictable.

Source: blogspot

5. Maybe all undercover agents work here!

Source: twentytwowords

6. As if that's easy :/

Source: ingrid

7. That's just bad maths.

Courtesy: fod4

8. And World Renowned Chef! 

Source: media-cache

9. I wouldn't dare!

Source: pinimg

10. A creative wanted sign

Courtesy: postimg

11. Obviously!

Courtesy: wtfmagazine

12. Dinosaurs are back!

Courtesy: boredpanda

13. Is he in mafia?

Courtesy: boredpanda

14. Steps to be taken:

Courtesy: boredpanda

15. We care (more) about animals

Courtesy: boredpanda

16. Like, "Get 8 hrs sleep in 4 hrs"

Courtesy: signspotting

17. Oh no!

Courtesy: signspotting

18. *Beggars

Courtesy: scoopwhoop

19. One more loss by growing old.

Source: Funpic.hu

20. Just some nonsense reasons

Source: DamnLaugh

21. Laziness prohibited

Source: dailymoss

22. Smoking makes you trash!

Courtesy: dailymoss

23. In red, "Danger! Please don't go near"

Source: dailymoss

24. Credit won't be given

Courtesy: gluebomb

25. To leave or not to?

Source: FunnySignboards

The peoples who made these should be awarded Noble Laugh Prize (any doubt in that ?) .
Which one was your favorite ? Comment Below!
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