11 Life Changing Lessons We Can Learn From These Harry Potter Characters !

 As we learn a lot from our surroundings, especially from people whom we see and admire which includes our favorite Hollywood characters. We can learn a lot  from Harry Potter series ! 

Harry Potter

The most popular character of Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe displays bright colors for the fans, which is portrayed certainly by the courageous, brave, smart and fearless role played by him. He taught us not to be frightened in any situation and strike onto it with double power, we learn a lot from his character.

Albus Dumbledore


His character was a dominating one. He portrayed a great leader who is capable of controlling a group in any sort of situation which we were able to see in the movie. He taught us that great knowledge is attained with great pain.

Hermione Granger


Her character was that of a 'know it all' along with a alluring one, being the. She has been the crush of most people. We learn from her that reading can save your life. She potrayed a great deal of intelligence and bravery with her enormous display of practical knowledge.

Ronald Weasley

Ron displayed a great value of being a loyal friend and a character who taught us that we can overcome our lack of confidence if we believe in ourselves. His character portrayed a series of ethical values.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood was the only one who taught us that we should celebrate our individuality. It's alright to be weird and different. She taught that keeping confidence in oneself can lead to a successful and happier life.

Rubeus Hagrid 


Hagrid taught us that outside appearances can sometimes hide the most beautiful things. Whether we take his example or of his work we could draw conclusions about him seeing the internal beauty of every creature whatever be its external appearance.


Even the villain of the story teaches us a lesson that a life without love is barely living. From his character we get to know that in life no matter you be the most powerful but a lively life needs good relations to be worthy. Even with all his powers he was all alone and could not trust his own followers.

Draco Malfoy


Draco played a character which was not born evil, instead was made by the company he chose to be with. He basically taught us that most people are not born evil, they get influenced by those with whom the decide to be with. Though he tried to share a friendly hand with Harry but on denial went into the wrong group and tried to show his superiority.

Ginny Weasley


She was the one who proved to be bold and beautiful. She claimed that brains do exist with beauty. Not only she was Harry's crush but also she outstood her spells and practical knowledge. She also displays an understanding nature which is shown when she lets Harry go knowing that he is the only one to finish evil. 



Being a loyal elf he also showed a confidence in himself in whatever work and the situation he went onto. Kreacher taught us that if we want to know what a man's like,we should take a good look at how he treats his inferiors,not his equals. 

Fred and George


On having a comic role in the whole series in the flow of their humor they taught us a very important life lesson that most of the time whichever hard situation it may be all we need is a good laughter. Their characters were as such that they could turn a whole lot of a serious or tensed situation into a motivated one. 

Whatever the way we take the movies we see but if taken a closer look every character will have a message to be given to everyone from which one can learn. 


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