9 Super Cool YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to !

Youtube has emerged as the biggest viral media sharing platform. From music videos, lol-worthy clips from TV to cat, comedy sketches, gaming and reaction videos, YouTube does it all. Here's a list of amazing YouTubers who create videos viewed shared and loved by millions

1. Jenna Marbles
You need to check her channel out if you don't know any YouTuber at all. She has 16 million subscribers. Jenna Marbles has to be the one who's been there forever. Many YouTubers sight her as an inspiration.

Here's the reason why

2. PewDiePie
With 48 million subscribers, yes you read it right, this Swedish creator has the most subscribed channel on the website. He films himself playing games and his devout army of fans makes sure his on top.


Here's his most viewed video

3. Lindsey Sterling
 This violinist-songwriter-dancer manages to inculcate all her passions to create amazing music videos. She's a one of a kind artist. She has 8.5 million subscribers.

Her duet with John Legend will give you life!

4. Smosh
These two childhood besties create videos that'll crack you up. They make sketches on politics, game and the social lives of the millennials. Their 22 million subscribers are hardcore fans.

Their interpretation of Pokemon Go is dope! 

5. Lilly Singh 
Indo-Canadian YouTuber has collaborated with names like Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Obama. Her videos revolve around her Indian parents being annoyed with all the non-Indian things their daughter tries to pull off. She's also spreading messages of love and acceptance through her work. Even Jimmy Fallon Loved her. She has around 10 M subscribers.

She taught The Rock a few things

6. KSI
He used his gaming videos to launch a music career. He owes his success to his 14 million subscribers.

check his most successful single 

7. Roman Atwood
Roman with 9.7 Million subscribers pulls original pranks on people and the results are hilarious.


 He's a genius!

8.Tyler Oakley
 From hosting The Ellen Show to participating in The Amazing Race, this YouTuber wants to do it all.  He has 8 million subscribers.

This insanely weird and funny video is one of many

9. NigaHiga
With 18 million subscribers NigaHiga is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. His parodies of various songs and How-tos are amazing.


He's really cool

These YouTubers are taking over and ruling the Internet. Let us know which one you like the most.



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