9 Reasons Taylor Swift Is The Most Amazing Celebrity in Music Industry!

Singing pop star TAYLOR SWIFT is famous for her singing abilities and fashion sense but, did you know that she is also active in charity work and donates wholeheartedly!

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In 2011, Swift used a dress rehearsal of her “Speak Now” tour as a benefit concert for victims of various tornadoes in the United States, raising more than $750,000!

Swift in one of her prom photos
In 2008, to help the victims of the Iowa flood, she donated $100,000 to the red cross.
And this year(2016), Taylor donated $1million to help the people affected by Louisiana flood!

Swift has donated large amount of sums for cancer research and to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

The singer made private visits to hospitals to meet with sick patients, encouraging young people to volunteer in their local communities.

Also, to protect the children from online predators, TS launched a campaign in 2007, in partnership with the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police. This campaign was a huge success and has saved lives of many children!

Taylor Swift is a wonderful philanthropist. She is generous with not only her donations but also in thanking her fans and being grateful to them!

Taylor with her youngest fans!

When she found out that a superfan had waited for 20 hours in cold outside an award ceremony, she tracked her down, was thankful for having such great fans and complimented her on her funny tweets!

TSwizzle keeps tabs on her top fans and likes to send them Christmas gifts, which consists of goodies and a hand-written note! She also surprises fans and takes selfies with them!

Taylor loves interacting with her fans and also gives free tips on love and life!

Taylor complimenting her fan and giving her advice!

TSwizzle is a complete package of talent and awesomeness! She truly is amazing :D



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