Top ten WORST celebrity dresses, Ever!

Fashion disaster is also a part of celebrity's life. Sometimes to get attention and sometimes as if they don't know how they are looking actually. Here, we're taking a look back at some of the worst dresses of all time.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kardashians are always ready to break the internet. And this time, Kim diit again.

2. Lady Gaga

You can't think of a dress giving you an appearance as if you are wearing a flesh of an animal but, Lady Gaga, the pop singer, and the songwriter, did the same.

3. Katie Price

Just think of dress giving you the appearance of a horse. WTF! The glamour model, Katie Price(previously, Jordan) wore a pink dress giving her some weird appearance

4. Bjork

Can you think of a person wearing a swan? The Icelandic artist, Bjork, wore it at an award function.

5. Elena Lenina
Wearing balls as an accessory and if it's in an award function then, it becomes fashion disaster. Elena Lenina, the Russian actress, wore the pink curtains at Cannes.

6. Jeremy Scott

A designer fails to design his dress! And yes, he is none other than the famous designer Jeremy Scott.

7. Amy Lee 
When you think of wearing something decent, and it gives a look as if you drape a cloth. Singer Amy Lee wore in the same fashion.

8. Alan Cumming

How will you look like when you would wear a coat with a half pant? And guess what, Alan Cumming did the same

9. Kanye West

Walking on stage with a dress as if you are at home. Kanye West did the same. How can someone be so careless about his dress?  

10. Nicki Minaj 

Can you imagine yourself wearing a dress full of springs? Actually, not springs, but things hanging around the dress giving you a springy appearance. Nicki Minaj wore the same.
Which one of these you think is worst among all? Comment below!