Get ready to use These all new 72 emoticons, Coming soon to your mobiles!

Emoticons make our boring conversation vivid. They have become an important part of our day to day gap, They help us to express our emotions.  

Sometimes an emoticon starts and ends the conversation, doesn’t it? 

Our day to day conversation in social Medias will be more interesting because Unicode Consortium has released 74 new emojis to make our chat more engrossing.

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Shocked? I am sure, your reaction would be like this..

These new emojis are built by Emojipedia, will be updated by Unicode on June 21st, 2016.
Gossipers always wanted a “finger crossed” emoji, doesn’t it? “Selfie,” “facepalm”, “clown,” “avocado,” “sneezing face” and many popular requests have been accepted, and these will be available soon in Unicode consortium’s next update.
Nation without people and chats without emojis are useless!!! Because unsaid emotions can be expressed by emoticons.

Colored heart shape emoticons have proven best for love confabs, but black heart emoji has added for cold or unfriendly people.

black heart emoticon
From now social media will be more interesting with new emoticons.

Chattiest persons will now be able to send a face rolling on the floor laughing, including animals and foods category.

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Our countless messages with new activity emoticons like water polo, gymnastics and juggling will make our texting more entrancing and fascinating. What do you think about these new emotions? Comment Below!