10 Reasons Why College Canteen Is our Final Destination of the day

Whenever it comes to bunking a class but you can't be at a movie or can't indulge in any recreational thing, then, the only place that strikes your mind is your college canteen.
The place where you enjoy your food with loads of fun, stupid talks & shouts, assignments & group studies and much more. 

Here are the reasons why canteen is undoubtedly the most amazing place :

1.Free Time Venue: 

food eating bored
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Whenever you are bored, don't want to attend the lecture also don't want to go to an outing with friends the only place you think of is the canteen, there at least you can eat and have fun. ;)

2.Best Cafe and Tea Store:

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The worth of a single cup of tea and coffee is known by only the coffee lovers and the office goers who have more coffee. This is only due to the extra affection that makes the worst coffee or a dull tea to a fantastic coffee and a #Dum Chai Respectively.

3. Rescue place:

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Hostelers know why canteen is so special,as the food of hostel mess is something that really sucks, but canteen is always the place for finding tasty food to eat. 

4. Venue for Cheapest Parties:

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Canteen is the only place where one can throw parties at pocket-friendly prices, Especially when your canteen wala has given you privileges of low-cost good food. ;) :P

5. Magical Maggi <3:

eating naruto noodles
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The cook in the canteen has a magical recipe for making Maggi, and that kind of quality is not available anywhere. It is the best dish that we can have when we are hungry.

6.The Best Place for Emergency Dates:

day first date rainy eavesdropping
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Canteen is indeed the nearest place for a date. In college if you do have a relationship then this place is best for all silly fights and talks. It saves your relation and money too. ;) :P

7.Best Media House:

30 rock gossip brian williams gossip alert
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It is the only place where all kinds of talks can take place. The gossip of full college can be discussed here, all details and news open here. This site can be used to create a news channel where everyone will get to know about the details of breakups, college politics or relations.

8.Place for Group Studies and Assignment Completion:

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Library and classrooms are for those who need a lot of silence, but some sneaky people do exist who need a recreational environment for studying and completing their assignments.So canteen is the best place for them. :P

9.Induction Hall for Freshers and Other College Mates:

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Every year new faces and talents get an entry in the college. Knowing everyone personally is not possible also ragging has been banned. Canteen is only the place where the entire college crowd gathers and make an appearance, and you get to rate the people on a different kind of analysis you make. This is only the place where you find your crush or tease your friends. ;) :P 

10.The War Field:

theCHIVE food excited fight kcco
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This is the only place where clashes take place on silly things. The ends of these fights are fascinating because the two parties again become friends.

These all things makes canteen so hilarious that we live many joyous moments with our friends. :) :)