Here are 10 Weird Patents, You Can't Even Imagine!

Many of us are familiar with the term "Patent". Patents are set of rights to the inventor or the assignee of thing that can be of public use. 
Here are some weird, amazing and cool patents that surprisingly exist.

1. Vibrating Tattoo:

Just think of a situation when your tattoo starts vibrating, notifying you for either a call or a message. And to your surprise, a patent for the same had already been filed by famous company "Nokia". 

2. Flatulence Deodorising Pads:

Farting: - one of the most embarrassing situation for one and if it stinks, then it becomes more embarrassing. Flatulence Deodorizing Pad is one such solution to avoid such embarrassing condition. So, just use it and stay carefree for such situations.

3. Brain Buzzer:

Fed up of the boring professors? History lectures? Why don't you try Brain Buzzer!!! A strange but useful product for students to stay awake during boring lectures.

4. Water-Based Data Center:

For every search, mail or anything, Google has to use electricity and surprisingly enough, the global information giant consumes a lot of energy for that. So, Google patented the "Water-Based Data Center", in which big cargo ships convert tidal energy into electricity and thus, can be utilised by data centres. Isn't this weird?

5. Methods and Systems for a Virtual Input Device:

You can be equivalent to the Iron Man AKA Tony Stark (there are some amazing tech he used in Captain America: Civil War) by this theoretical concept of Google Glass technology and according to the patent you can type on a virtual keyboard, just wait for the technology to be a reality and then, you could also be like "Iron Man". The patent is filed under "Methods and Systems for a Virtual Input Device".

6. Marine Mammal Communication Device:

Walt Disney patented this weird device; it is a dolphin sized keyboard with the help of which keystrokes can be translated into sounds for "whales and porpoises". This is for training humans to talk with dolphins. You may be the next to talk with dolphins, you never know!

7. Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force:

Can you think of childbirth by the application of the "centrifugal force" which all of us studied in our schooling times? A patent in the 20th century was made, by suggesting the use of centrifugal force as a gentle force for underdeveloped women who may struggle during childbirth. Can you imagine that !!!

8. Kissing Shield:

Made from a flexible, impervious membrane, this shield allows two people to engage in 'french kiss' without transmitting any foul odour and prevents the exchange of germs and microorganisms to each other. The patent is also there for the same. Will you try when it comes to market?

9.Recyclable Cardboard Bicycle:

Just think of cycle made up of cardboard. A bicycle made of recyclable cardboard. One of the brilliant step towards sustainability and reusability of things. So, next time when you go for purchasing a bicycle think of this one as an alternative.( but there is another really cool option)

10.Devices and Methods for Transferring Data Through a Human Body:

We all have seen various companies developing and manufacturing various devices for data transfer but think of a human as a medium of data transfer! This idea is now patented by AT&T Intellectual Property of Atlanta. This uses human skin and bones for conduction. 

YES! this world is very weird, and people never fail to surprise us with such things! If these come to market which one you'll buy first? Comment below!