These 15 Hilarious Facts About Engineering Hostel Mess I Bet You All Can Relate To!


As the name says, it's totally a mess, atrocious indeed ! πŸ˜‹. If you can survive on the mess food then you can pretty much consume anything in your life. Your taste buds don’t even complain after a certain time and you get used to that "awesome" taste πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚  

But why it is called mess, lets analyze some specialities of an Engineering College's Hostel Mess!

Sunday Special - as they call it πŸ˜‹

Butter paneer masala ,their baffling recipe !!
 Nothing desultory in it, it's actually a game of "hidden treasure".
In between the half cooked mutter floating in the water like gravy,you have to search for the small piece of paneer ,which is obviously not contributing to the taste of BPM,It's just added to remind us that "it's Sunday",and what we are having is "Sunday special food " so don't expect anything better for the next 6 days  πŸ˜†

Maggie - The Savoir of hostlers !
After facing the disappointment of mess food, the only option you have is, either to cook something by yourself , or convey your friend that you are dying to have the tasty Maggie that only she can prepare :p
And as a deal, offer her a paani Puri treat πŸ˜‹. "Maggie bana de yaar .... kal meri taraf se paani Puri treat. .pakka pakka pakka "! πŸ˜‹
A cup of self-made-coffee and Maggie ( one bowl, 10 spoons, fighting for the last byte 😍) can protect you from starving and you'll get enough stamina to stay awake doing nothing till 4 O'clock.

This late night meal help us a lot in staying awake , after all there are only two types of hostellers

 2) WHO SLEEPS EARLY, EARLY IN THE MORNING ( ab naashta karke he soyenge yaar πŸ˜‰)

Gobs of us are Chai-holics , and no matter how bad tea they serve us..we still can't live without an infinite loop of tea's  ! 😻

How they make 5 cups of tea -

Step 1) Add one cup of water
Step 2) Add two more cups of water
Step 3) Add another 2 cups of water
Step 4) add a tablespoon of milk (which is already diluted to infinityπŸ˜†)
Step 5) Add a pinch of tea powder
Step 6) Add 5 full spoons of sugar
Step 7) Boil for less then 5 minutes
 * Serve This Incredibly tasty tea in the smallest possible cup *
As if we are dying to drink this tea-like-boiled water (not even boiled properly) πŸ˜‚
The challenge is to accept that the thing they just gave us was tea !!πŸ˜†
Oh Wait ,Why I am being so negative about mess !! πŸ€”

You can learn hell Lot of things from mess it self - 

 1. The rubbery texture of chapaatis taught us always to be tough and never be consumed by things that sought to eat you up.. ;)

2. Sense of humour, like when they sometimes call the recipe I have mentioned earlier as " Shahi Paneer " ! πŸ˜‹

3) You can learn to be consistent ,and never change yourself, just as they don't change their menu,you can predict all eventualities ! πŸ˜‰

4)You can learn to sacrifice, like you sacrifice your breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)

5) Dieting is really easy to start at your hostel ,i mean ,no one would regret skipping meal if mess is the only option you have πŸ˜‹ unlike the Ineffable taste of "Ghar ka khana " 😍,which you can't skip so easily!

6)You made us an incredible cook πŸ˜‹...

Thank you for always giving us our space, like the wide empty gulf in our stomach when you were too disgusting for us to eat you.If you weren't that bad , we wouldn't have emerged ourselves as fledgling cook. πŸ˜‹

The safety concern

They are so much concerned about our health that they remove all the possible things that can harm us .

1. Dahi
To make it hassle free they eliminate the heavy portion, keeping only the white water for ease of consuming.
"Aww , How thoughtful of them " πŸ˜‰

2. The Filtered Daal πŸ˜‹
The Extremely tasty daal.

After extracting 80% of its content, what's left is something as transparent as a crystal clear water body,where in you can easily count the number of pulse particles ..*Pure daal *  πŸ˜‹

 That Embarrassing Moment - 

The embarrassing moment when u feel like eating more but u are afraid of the stern look you get from both your mates and the person serving food, who in their heads appreciate your guts to ask for more of the filth to eat

But what else you can do , getting good food at the mess is like Leonardo DiCaprio till 2015 getting an Oscar.I mean, He totally deserves it, but never gets it.


Want to eat something delicious?
But Running out of money? 
No worries ,you still have another option 

Go Crash A Wedding πŸ˜‹

What's a college life if you haven't crashed a wedding with your jigree's πŸ˜‹ ..
Inspite of all the suffering , we still love our hostel mess. We spend countless memorable moments there, whether it's about gossiping with your friends or worrying about the exams!
And after all, it made us realize the true value of "Ghar Ka Khana 😍" 
#Hail_Hostel_Life 😍
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  1. Hahahahahaha.... It's AMAZING Shubhi :D!!You're an awesome writer !! And what you've wrote made my eyes teary .. :'(

  2. Loved ur way to frame those 'topsy turvy' moments we are having in hostel 😝...and ofcourse there always will be a saviour known as MAGGI for all the hostelers...😁

  3. Lol
    I hv no such experience... but i know this is the true... Once i got a chance to taste that DAAL... and blv me my words were same as urs...
    Too good
    ur emotions are flowing in ur words... enjoy hostel