No one can inspire you better than these cute cartoon characters !!

We all love to watch cartoons, and why not, they always a treat to watch, as they make us cry (of course due to laughter).

Besides the laughter, there are many other qualities that can be learnt from them ,here we present some of those qualities :

1. The Power of  "UNITY"

90s cartoon cartoons high five tmnt

2. The Strength in Friendship

happy dancing fun cartoons tom and jerry

3. Try and Try Until You Succeed

tom and jerry cartoon tomandjerryshow

3. Dreaming Creatively

Warner Archive dream dreaming hanna barbera yogi bear

4. Respecting Elders

The Simpsons bart simpson lisa simpson season 7 upset

5. How to become "COOL"

cartoon cartoons peanuts snoopy joe cool

6. How to Accept Rejection

anime rejection arcv

7. Sometimes it's good to be "SILLY"

animation disney halloween cartoon skeleton

8.What is TRUE LOVE <3

vintage cartoons winter mickey mouse ice skating

9. How to show your SWAG!

cartoons tom and jerry animation

10.How to care for OTHERS

disney cartoon mickey mouse cat

11. How to Accept YOURSELF with your FLAWS


12. The Feeling of TOGETHERNESS

love 90s cute vintage cartoon


comic looney tunes warner bros sylvester tweety


cartoon nostalgia cartoon network bubbles blossom

15. To face the LOWS in your LIFE

Cheezburger animation cartoons & comics fail cartoons

16. There are some Embarrassing Moments

running scooby doo cartoon scared

17. How to Enjoy Life Peacefully


18. Enjoy every Moment Life Offers

love disney relationship mickey mouse minnie mouse

19. Dream BIG to get BIG

duck tales

20. Always remain DOWN TO EARTH ;)

disney cartoon laughing laugh haha

21. How to say "NO" to others

donald duck no

22. What LIFE will BRING FOR US

pokemon pikachu good luck

These cute cartoons can teach us BIG LESSONS. Try to implement those in your life. :) :) 
Be happy and make your life free from stress by watching these cartoon series

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