Every girl loves to eat these crazy Street-dishes!

Girls are crazy when it comes to choices, and you really can't predict whats in her mind, but no matter how unpredictable they are we can simply guess what they will love when it comes to street food.
So, here we present a list of Indian Street-food, girls love to eat!

 1. Panipuri

Whatever you call it Panipuri or Gol gappa or fulki or gup-chup or pani bataashe or puchka, this is the name which brings water in our mouth not only girls boys also love them, panipuri is famous all over India  !!

It is easily broken ,crispy, tasty street food with boiled potatoes and flavored water.

2. Cotton candy or candy floss or “budiya-ke-baal”!!


Melts instantly in the mouth, not only the favorite dish of children even young girls love it very much!
When you were a small child, the sweet taste of cotton candy was batter then taste of all the sweets and chocolates out there!

3. Chat!! 


It is as addictive as the Digital "chat", No one knows what its real composition is because it varies from place to place and almost everything is allowed to put in its recipe, but still it is unmatched in terms of taste, everyone loves to chat!

4. Bhelpuri !! 


This is the dish many girls prefer to make at home, In hot summer afternoon, when you cant go out in the sun, you make Bhelpuri!

It is really easy to make just form a mixture of ingredients like sev, peanuts, onions, boiled potatoes, chaat masala, lemon etc etc and voila! Bhelpuri is ready.

5.Ice candy or icy golas or chuski !!!

Some Indians also called it “barf ka gola”. It is just pure ICE  dipped in tasty Colorful liquid, and the most sought after stall in a wedding reception!


6. Biryani !!!


 "I just can't resist mutton biryani. It's something  I've loved eating as a child too. Whenever I'm feeling low, I just pep myself with some good biryani" - this is Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh for you!


Girls love this tasty dish also is very easy to cook. It is a mixture of meat , rice with an aromatic vegetable substance.

7. Lasssssii!

Lassi cames in many tasty flavors like strawberry, mango ,malai- lassi, plain lassi and many more, and Indian girls specifically from Punjab, have special place for lassi in their heart !

One of the best quality of an indian girl is she can find happiness in small small thing, street food is one of them!
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